A YouTube star's failed public shaming is Internet justice at its finest

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Graceffa didn't expect the perpetrator to make his own response video, completely one-upping him. Guess who the Internet sided with?

Joey Graceffa, a boisterous, frosty-haired vlogger and video game reviewer (and former Amazing Race contestant) with more than two million YouTube subscribers, discovered on Oct. 17 that his car had been towed. As YouTube personalities often do, he complained about it in a vlog.

On Oct. 22, YouTube user Nate Clark replied to Joey Graceffa. In his own video, he made a surprising revelation: He was responsible for the towing of JoeyGraceffa's car. Not only did he explain exactly what led to the towing, but also addressed several "hurtful" points JoeyGraceffa had made and sarcastically congratulated him on his YouTube notoriety.

He didn't expect the perpetrator to see it and make his own response video, completely one-upping him.

Guess who the Internet sided with?

Nate Clark's video shot to the front page of Reddit and topped the r/videos subreddit. Many Internet users on Reddit and YouTube alike agreed with Nate's actions and used the opportunity to blast JoeyGraceffa. Several actually commented that they have "lost their faith in humanity" as a result of his complaining.

JoeyGraceffa immediately responded to the overabundance of criticism on Twitter.

Sorry, JoeyGraceffa, but you should keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto V—and the ability of its characters to abandon their vehicles anywhere—is only a game.

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