YouTube prankster uses "The Notebook" to get kissed

"If given the opportunity to kiss in the rain, would you?"

Would you kiss someone in the pouring rain, just because The Notebook made it cool?

As some YouTube pranksters found out, plenty of women still want to experience that romantic cliché with their own Ryan Gosling, almost a decade after the film's release.

Disturb Reality's Jarek Cloyd might not be Gosling, but he's perfectly willing to stand in his place for these women in a prank conceptualized by serial prank-kisser Stuart Edge.

The prank starts off innocently enough, with a questionnaire about different kissing cliches to the single ladies in the area, but it ends with this kicker: "If given the opportunity to kiss in the rain, would you?"

When it starts to rain on Cloyd, those women are left with an important decision.

It’s all fun and games until he has to write each of them a letter every day for an entire year.

Photo via howtoDisturbReality/YouTube

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