John Green challenges you to pronounce these 79 words

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Interesting that Green picks up where Pronunciation Book left off. Iiiiinteresting.

YouTube stalwart Pronunciation Book is now in Phase 2 of its viral marketing campaign, but the world still needs to learn how to say things properly. The Internet needs a new savior.

Thank your lucky stars for John Green

The Vlogbrother hit us with some knowledge on how to pronounce 79 oft-misspoken words.

His video for Mental Floss clues the uninitiated in on how to correctly say things like Benedict Cumberbatch, nuclear, Asperger's syndrome, and caramel. A couple of grammar notes are peppered in for good measure.

Contentious words like GIF, Wikipedia, and Niall Horan made the cut, but, sadly, there's no space for aluminum/"aluminium."

Interesting that Green picks up where Pronunciation Book left off! We caught him tweeting about the webseries before we launched our own theory, that it's building hype for a Battlestar reboot. We know ProBook is a marketing campaign for something, but who knows. Could it be a film version of Green's young-adult novel The Fault in Our Stars? Or a Vlogbrothers TV series?

We'll let you know in about a month. In the meantime, let the conspiracies fly.

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This YouTube channel has become a dark mystery we have only 67 days to solve
Since 2010, a YouTube channel called Pronunciation Book has regularly posted videos with a simple white background and a word in black font. Over it, a voice teaches non-English speakers how to say certain words and phrases in English—“Sausage McMuffin” or “yield.” The young male voice also teaches viewers how to have simple English interactions like “How to State an Unpleasant Fact” and “How to Politely End a Business Meeting.”
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