Is this the worst map of Chicago ever?

Chicago Bean
According to Old Navy, Rogers Park and Logan Square don't exist.

If you're a Chicagoan who lives in the neighborhoods of Rogers Park, Logan Square, Old Town, Pilsen, or Bucktown, congratulations! You don't exist—at least according to this Old Navy t-shirt.

According to Gapers Block, the Old Navy on State St. is offering up graphic tees with an imaginative view of Chicago's geography, a revisionist landscape in which Austin, Lawndale, and Lincoln Park all border each other, and Lincoln Park appears to be twice as big as everything else.

Graphic designer Jennifer Haffner was nice enough to take a photograph of the t-shirt, one that could be its own Internet drinking game. Take a shot every time you notice a gross inaccuracy! Another one if you don't know what that neighborhood is! Finish your drink if the graphic tee in question appears to be a blatant rip-off of a much-better Ork Posters design! (Hint: finish your drink.)

Photo credit: Jennifer Haffner

On Twitter, users quickly got drunk on the shirt's incompetence.

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