1,500 water balloons make bouncing around on a trampoline way more fun

1500 water balloons trampoline

Screengrab via Mark Rober/YouTube

It's so beautiful that we don't want any of them to pop.

If there's one way to make bouncing on a trampoline even more fun, it's adding 1,500 colorful water balloons to the mix.

In his quest to become his nephews' favorite uncle, Mark Rober made this bouncing pit of little aquatic grenades happen. Filling up 1,500 water balloons (along with some huge ones) sounds like quite the hassle, but the results were definitely worth it. The way the dazzling colors go up and down and mix with the bouncing of the trampoline is totally mesmerizing. 

This video might not be as ludicrous as the one showing a grown man entering a giant water balloon and popping it, but it's just as entertaining. 

Looks like Mark will be getting that Favorite Uncle title after all. 

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