vomit cake

Photo via @abbieprice_/Twitter

Apparently, it was delicious.

There's nothing like a personalized, themed birthday cake to make you feel special. And one mother went above and beyond to make sure her daughter had a cake she would always remember... by basing it on a night she would probably rather forget. 

Ever since Abbi Price came home from a party wasted and spent hours vomiting into the toilet, her mother Sharon had threatened to turn the not-so-pretty picture into her 18th birthday cake. A threat she made good on in the best possible way.

"I loved the cake" Abbi told the DailyMail, "and I expected the photo to be printed on the cake so when I saw they actually made a whole figure out if it I was really impressed."

The cake was created by Mockadoodleyou in Covington, U.K., a bakery that specializes in custom-made cakes.

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Looks delicious. Hopefully Abbi was able to keep it down.

H/T BuzzFeed

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