Viral dancing Uber driver isn't really an Uber driver, but so what?

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Screengrab via @_MKing1984/Twitter

The moves speak for themselves.

Tweets go viral every day, but this one was a peculiar case. Posted by user @mesmmia on Monday, the video shows a dude losing himself to dance, soundtracked by Dae Dae’s “Wat U Mean.”

Although the caption claims that the anonymous dancer is an Uber driver, he’s actually not—though he is totally a badass dancer. According to BuzzFeed, the guy’s name is Matthew King, and he’s been dancing all around Baytown, Texas, where he currently resides.
Each of his videos has gone viral, but it was when @mesmmia took the clip and turned King into a “Uber driver” that his latest gained a lot more attention across the Internet. You could definitely imagine this scenario, because Uber drivers are some of the most interesting people in the world—but as you can see, King dropped the clip a day before @mesmmia did. 
Fortunately, he’s received credit for the stolen video, and may very well be on his way to becoming the next successful social media dancer. Even rapper Lil Uzi Vert approves.

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