Dead pet fish gets the viking funeral he deserves

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RIP Peeping Tom.

When an individual, be it man or fish, has bravely watched people pee, poop, and shower for his entire life, without complaint, his passing should be celebrated with honor. 

That's exactly what this young man did for his pet, Peeping Tom, who spent  his quiet life in the bathroom, spying on anyone who entered.

Young Peepy-T was only 6-and-a-half-years old when his owner's father moved his bowl out of the sun, and, since a fish can not live by spying alone, he expired, alone and confused in the darkness.

Feeling bad about this accidental ichthycide, the father built his son a badass boat so they could send their friend off in style.

They even christened the vessel the SS Boobies in honor of of Tom's love of unrepentantly staring at people in the shower.
Goodbye Peeping Tom, We sincerely hope there are boobies to stare at in fish heaven.H/T BroBible
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