Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse win Olympic gold medal for friendship

andre de grasse usain bolt

Photo via CBC News/YouTube

Two Olympians on the track to true bro love.

World records-holder Usain Bolt nearly met his match during the Olympic 200-meter semifinals on Wednesday. The decorated runner edged out Canada's Andre De Grasse by a mere .02 seconds in a race that saw their budding bromance finally blossom. The two were seen smiling and laughing just before crossing the finish line.

Needless to say, that love begat dank memes.

NBC's Joe Posnanski recalled an interview just after the semifinals, where Bolt calls the burst of energy De Grasse displayed towards the end of the race "not cool." The fastest man on the planet reportedly said that "there was no reason to run that fast." This presumably sum sup De Grasse's reaction after the race.What does this mean for the memers of the world, sprinting their way to viral glory by way of bromance?

Literally nothing. Bolt could sincerely be pissed, but we're all holding out  hope that it was just emotion getting the better of him. Friendly competition, even at an Olympic level, is totally conducive to the De Grasse-Bolt bromance.

Stay golden, guys.
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