Woman takes Uber to fistfight with Twitter nemesis, gets her a** kicked, takes Uber home

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Screengrab via Driver Log/YouTube

'She just got that a** tagged and hopped back in the über 😩😩😩.'

With rare exceptions, fighting on Twitter is a substitute for fighting in real life. Twitter beef can be stupid and hurtful, but nobody's getting beaten up over it. Yet sometimes things go too far, something inside snaps, and you find yourself taking an Uber to your Twitter nemesis' house, getting beat up, and Ubering back home in defeat.

Sounds ridiculous, but it apparently happened in Chicago over the weekend. Things got heated between two women named Mela and Anais, who apparently had a years-long history of bad blood in each others' mentions. It finally boiled over after they traded insults Sunday, and Mela took a car to Anais house for a real fight.

The story is all over Black Twitter, and it ended up trending in Chicago, so even though Mela has deleted some of her tweets, it's not hard to piece together what happened: 

What a time to be alive. 

But how on Earth did this crazy fight start? Mela and Anais never followed each other on Twitter, but if you do a quick search on their history, you'll see they've been beefing since 2013. 



Things came to a head on Sunday when the two got into another squabble. Mela apparently called Anais fat, and Anais accused Mela of having a fake boyfriend. 
Seems like this was the proximate cause of the fight, but the battle probably wouldn't have reached Ubering-to-an-actual-fistfight levels of animosity if they hadn't had an iceberg of bad history under the surface. It wasn't really about the (fake?) boyfriend. 
Anyway, both parties agree what happened once Mela arrived: There was a fight, and she lost. When considering their play-by-play of the fight, it's important to know that Mela's Twitter handle is "funsizemela," and says she's 5'1". Anais, on the other hand, claims to be 5'7".
Unfortunate that it had to come to fisticuffs, but at least no one got seriously hurt, the beef is over, and Mela will probably chill out on Twitter from now on. 
Oh, cool.
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