Twitter has a few free agent suggestions the NBA is overlooking

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Even NFL players are getting in on the action.

Following a fairly exciting draft, the NBA has entered its free agency period. What that means is unsigned players from around the league are raking in big bucks as teams look to fill the gaps and bolster their rosters.

We're talking an insane amount of dollars, with the highest contract signed as of this writing belonging to Mike Conley. The point guard stands to make $153 million from his five year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Super Bowl champion and jealous fellow athlete Emmanuel Sanders sipped his tea like a frog lizard with a tweet marveling at the inanity of basketball.

Once the shade had been thrown, the #NBAFreeAgency hashtag became a free-for-all for fans and athletes alike to pile on the hate. Even beloved game show Jeopardy! got in on the action.

#NBAFreeAgency sparked a movement to get unlikely players from all over pop culture back into basketball. And, really, would the Philadelphia 76ers be any worse if they had the Fresh Prince and the white guy of White Men Can't Jump fame on the team?

Something tells me we might be seeing Sanders on the court instead of the football field. Might as well put on those chef Curry sad dad sneakers and see about getting a contract because Twitter is convinced the NBA is just handing out the money.

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