Tightly bundled baby snow monster brought down by own clothing

Frozen Puddle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Some things you have to find out the hard way.

I’d like to imagine that we may, in some bright future, experience a YouTube video more adorable than this one, but I’d be deluding myself. The setup alone should get your cute-sensors firing: a toddler, seemingly Russian and probably a girl (though who can really tell when they’re that bundled up?) trying to figure out just what is up with a frozen puddle. 

The kid’s physical comedy is on par with that of the silent film greats. And at least once she makes an admirable recovery of balance. In the end, of course, curiosity gets the better of her.

Could anything have been better choreographed? I think not. And here, because you’ll want to relive this on a loop, is the majestic GIF, a startlingly apt portrayal of the modern condition.

Photo by Paulus Maximus!/Flickr

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