Tinder’s creepiest pick-up lines sound even worse read aloud

tinder-pickup-lines.jpg (1440×720)
“Deez nuts” is never OK.

Tinder is, of course, a hook-up app. That means some people are not shy about their intentions when they message matches. In fact, some people are so certain about their pick-up skills, they write things that are downright creepy.

Buzzfeed collected a few of the creepiest messages in a video, showing how they get even worse when read aloud.

To be honest, the guy who had pizza, adult lemonade beverages, and the movieTitanic is making a legitimately awesome offer.

Tinder is currently trying to de-sleaze itself by introducing features to help users find friends, not lovers. It’d be nice if the dating app instead concentrated on ways to help users be less objectively terrifying at talking to their romantic matches, because these are rough.

H/T Yahoo | Photo via CarbonNYC (CC BY 2.0) | remix by Jason Reed

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