Colorado town warns about traces of weed in its drinking water

Marijuana Hugo, Colorado

Photo via Brett Levin/Flickr (CC-BY)

Expect Hugo's real estate market to skyrocket.

With the state of Colorado known as much these days for legalized marijuana as skiing, the Rocky Mountains, or Denver omelets, now’s a good time to remind all the weed enthusiasts out there that too much THC can be a bad thing. Particularly if you're not taking it on purpose.

The city of Hugo, Colorado (population: about 730) told residents Thursday not to drink the local tap water because multiple preliminary tests showed levels of THC, according to the Denver Post. It’s unclear how the THC got into the water—as the Independent wrote, there are no legal marijuana dispensaries in the area—and more tests will be completed soon. 

But for now, the city wants its residents to be cautious of the kush in the water.

“We are checking to make sure this isn’t because of the field test kit—that it isn’t a false positive,” said Capt. Michael Yowell of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Of course, news like this is ripe for all kinds of hash humor.

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All of this fuss, though, might be for naught.  
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That's a total downer, dude. 
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