Teens aren't having sex, they're just painting memes on their backs

Henna Dat Boi

Photo via Nejron Photo/Shutterstock.com (Licensed) Remix by Jason Reed

Here come dat body paint.

Teens have discovered body paint, and they're using it to troll. Contrary to raging hormones and the need to fuck shit up once you hit high school, the youth of today have passed up exploring each other's bodies in favor of tapping into their artistic skills.

It started with sweet depictions of sunsets on the backs of teens and quickly devolved into memes.

Some of the earliest tweets featuring this artistic bait-and-switch date back to the middle of June. Since then, Twitter moments and outlets like this one have picked up on the trend.
As with all internet-based trends, the memeification of backs has come full circle in its trolling.
It's also inspired members of the "Dicks out for Harambe" movement. Painting images of the fallen ape is yet another way to bare all for a good cause. Sure, no peen is visible, but the message and intent are still there.
As hilariously awful as this teen trend is, it's pretty much dead on arrival. Shitty sandwich chain Jimmy John's has already ruined it with a tweet from June 30.
Tune in next time when teens do a thing, the internet picks up on it, and brands commodify it.
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