The best burns on Spike Lee's purple outfit for the BET Awards

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Screengrab via BET Awards via @IssaRae/Twitter

We kinda like it, tbh.
Spike Lee is known for his searing films, being a diehard Knicks fan, and occasionally saying things that nobody wants to hear. He is not, it likely goes without saying, a fashion icon.

Still, it speaks to his trademark bravado that he wore this getup (in tribute to Prince) for the BET Awards on Sunday.

Mainly leaving aside the fact that his Prince love symbol pin was worn upside-down, viewers went all in on the Willy Wonka/Mad Hatter/Johnny Depp angle. 
Incredibly, though, Lee has been accused of dressing like the Mad Hatter since 2013—and probably before that.
Other roasters invoked images of Jiminy Cricket.
That comparison has also been drawn for a number of years.
Possibly the most canny burn of the night alluded to Queen Elizabeth II, she of the outrageous headwear. Imagine the embarrassment of honoring the wrong monarch!
And, for honorable mention...
Hey, the man can only be himself. Though that hat must have really ruined the view for whoever sat behind him.
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