Man charged extra fee for being a 'smartass'

Smartass charge

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Not a smart move.

On Friday, Imgur user briancjackson found he was charged 25 cents for being a “smartass.”

On the receipt, which provides literally no specifics about where they were or what they bought, is a “smartass charge,” listed at the bottom of the receipt, bringing the bill up to $31.86.

It’s unclear what briancjackson may have done to inspire the store clerk to include such a charge, but one thing we’re sure of is that this is probably illegal af. According to Justia, “Undisclosed fees are a growing concern for consumer rights advocates, costing consumers millions of dollars every year.”

These fees include things like credit card service fees, and hidden fees for airlines and hotels, but we’re pretty sure a “smartass charge” also counts. While state consumer laws may vary, many require vendors to be up front about any and all extra fees.

Briancjackson, you’d probably be well within your rights to sue wherever you went for your quarter back.

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