Shaq catches dude secretly filming him, has typically perfect reaction

shaq secret camera

Screengrab via KingofContacts/Twitter

Nothing gets past him.
Shaq may no longer be a star basketball player, but honestly, he's living his best life and goofing off like a pro now that he's practically a socialite.

Exhibit A: Domenick Nati was lucky enough to meet the former NBA center at a photo opportunity. No cell phone photography was allowed, but Nati thought he was being sneaky recording from his pocket while posing with Shaq. The athlete noticed and took it all in good humor.

Shaq could've made a big stink about it and asked Nati to delete whatever was on his phone, but this response is much better. And while Nati might not have noticed that Shaq knew what was going on in the moment, he's really taken advantage of the situation. Check out his new Twitter avatar:Talk about meta.

Shaq has had quite the week on the internet. He had the chance to meet American gem Grumpy Cat, who, for the record, does not look impressed while being cradled in the arms of this iconic athlete. 


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The four-album rapper also got back into peak athletic shape with the power of Photoshop, borrowing the muscles of Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade. He posted his face edited onto Wade's body from pictures for the upcoming ESPN Body Issue to various social media channels.

Oh, and check out those hashtags. There's just something so funny about Shaq using the outdated #imtoosexy4myclothes.

My last photoshoot #imtoosexy4myclothes #sexyshaq #icyhot Photo edit by: @alexg_74

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Glad you're having a good week, Shaq. 
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