Did 'Sesame Street' just subtweet Donald Trump on Twitter?

little red monster sesame street

Photo via Jeff Golden/Flickr (CC-BY)

T is for 'troll.'
Sesame Street's Twitter account tweeted out a clever question on Wednesday.
Hmm, why yes we have noticed a monster on Twitter lately! A big orange one, with wild hair and trigger-happy thumbs.

Followers were quick to applaud the cheeky tweet.

And speculate as to who the monster in question might be.
Meanwhile, the tweet sent Sesame Street resident Grover into a tailspin.
Oh yes, Grover. We've all thought of that one. If we just log off of social media long enough our national nightmare will be over.
But the matter was quickly settled. Like an expert sub-tweeter, the minds behind the Sesame Street account answered their own question in a follow up tweet.
Grover, for one was relieved.
Oh, Grover. Sweet innocent Grover. How do we break this to you? There are much scarier monsters out there than you, buddy. 
sesame street
Grover is petrified at this 'monster' on Twitter
Twitter has always been a scary place, but since the rise of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate, it seems that the misogyny, racism, Islamaphobia, and anti-Semitism has increased exponentially on the site.
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