Serena Williams effortlessly hits an array of tennis trick shots like a boss

serena williams trick shots

Screengrab via DudePerfect/YouTube

She truly is the queen.

Athletic superstar and national treasure Serena Williams has always entertained crowds with her supreme tennis skills. And while watching an intense rally between Williams and one of her opponents is already mesmerizing enough, you'll be totally captivated watching her pull off trick shot after trick shot.

Williams recently teamed up with Dude Perfect to show off her mad abilities. She's able to hit a hanging water balloon and a canister sitting on one of the guys' heads, all with bull's-eye precision. Eventually she tries out a huge new racket that doesn't look Wimbledon-approved but is definitely fan-approved.

While we already knew Williams's mad tennis game, it's reassuring to see that she's also woke about proper Toaster Strudel preparation and eating. 
serena williams
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