Selfies might kill you in the end

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A London-based animator has decided selfies are killing their victims subjects one shot at a time.

Selfies were undoubtedly invented so that millennials could find a way to project their true and unique image into the world in the most technologically advanced and artistically accurate way possible, but what they really might be doing is killing its victims—one flash-filled photo at a time. 

That’s the conclusion arrived upon by Andy Martin, a London-based animator whose most recent work, “Selfie,” a “sixty-second warning about self obsession,” details the perils of enhanced self-obsession.

Among them: warts, weird excretions, skeletal disintegration, strange afros, involuntary melting, etc. 

Martin even suggests that selfies may turn those who take them into cows.

Selfie from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

The idea came about through a Tumblr page called Character Selfies, which placed an open call to animators suggesting that they “counter the current craze of blurry duck faces and underexposed narcism with some true character.” Martin’s video’s already grown quite popular. Up on Vimeo since Monday, the clip’s already received more than 63,000 views. 

Perhaps he should take a selfie to celebrate. 

Screengrab via Andy Martin/Vimeo

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