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Ahead of the Winter Olympics, the Internet is mounting bathroom doors for the #SelfieOlympics. This was really just a matter of time. 

It was only a matter of time before people approached selfies not as an expression of existence but as a competitive sport. 2014 is that time.

Ahead of the Winter Olympics next month, the hashtag #SelfieOlympics has been trending on Twitter, as have #selfiegame and #and1selfieleague. The latter references the AND1 basketball videos, and the photos are next-level feats of selfie strength. The account @SelfieChallenge is another resource for the new Internet sport, encouraging us all the get over our peace signs and duckfaces and change up the selfie game in 2014.

This started late last night, with many people taking photos while hanging on their bathroom doors. The submissions so far are top-notch:

Inspiring. Wonder how many bathroom doors/sinks were broken in the process of documentation, and how many other inanimate objects will be mounted this weekend in the quest for the ultimate selfie.

Image via @Selfie_Olympics/Twitter

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