Did Sean Hannity really get booed out of a Philly Wawa?

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hannity wawa ordering in philly

Photo via Matt McDermott/Twitter

The story is already local legend.

Wawa, the beloved convenience store chain that provides late-night sandwiches for drunken Philadelphia and South Jersey residents, increased its already lofty local reputation Monday by allegedly ejecting Fox News personality Sean Hannity from its Walnut Street location. 

According to multiple local reports and tweets, Hannity was booed out of the joint. But according to Hannity, it never happened. 

Who to believe? Let's start with what both sides can agree upon: Hannity was at a Wawa. 
And according to witness Matt McDermott, Hannity appeared flummoxed by the store's famous sandwich ordering screens, which—as any Philly resident will tell you—you must use or your sandwich will not be made.

But that's where the chain of evidence stops. McDermott tweeted that he left the store shortly after Hannity arrived: 

So the only thorough account we have of what happened comes from satirist E. Mo Black, whose story is high entertainment but, I must stress, completely made up

Look, even though it's probably not true, this is the kind of legend Philly builds its reputation on. And the tale just keeps getting taller as it spreads. Plenty of folks on Twitter are riffing on that theme today: 
The Walnut Street Wawa couldn't be reached for comment after multiple attempts—they're likely too busy serving the flood of DNC delegates. We'll update the story if we hear back from them.
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