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If anyone can make turning down food into an Internet sensation with a single turn of his gorgeous head, it's Ryan Gosling.

If anyone can make turning down food into an Internet sensation with a single turn of his gorgeous head, it's Ryan Gosling.

At this point, it’s arguable whether the Canadian actor is better known on the Internet for his many films or his many memes, but thanks to Scottish writer and director Ryan McHenry, we now know that Gosling is certainly no cereal killer.

In fact, he's quite the opposite. Whether he's simply being picky or a complete food snob, he flat out refuses cereal, probably one of the few foods you can eat by the bagful anytime of the day without fear of judgment. 

"I really wanted to make a Vine which would make people laugh," McHenry told EW. "So I was watching Drive and eating cereal one day, and it kind of looked like Ryan Gosling was staring at my cereal. So I brought out my Vine and had a few attempts and created 'Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal part 1.'"

No matter how many times Gosling is offered a spoonful of cereal via the "here comes the airplane" method, he always turns away.

It's entirely possible that McHenry just caught a blood-soaked Gosling at a bad time. So he made more attempts after Gosling cleaned himself up, and forced the actor (through his various movie roles) to come up with more creative ways to turn down a one-way trip to satisfied taste buds.

Or perhaps that every time McHenry tried, Gosling wasn't in the world's best mood. He's still refusing the cereal, but he hasn't flipped out.

Until now.

The Internet is already imaging Gosling's next movie collaboration with McHenry through a number of movie posters, which could finally earn Gosling his Oscar.

But if there's anyone who could possibly get Gosling to eat his cereal—and give this story a happy ending—it's the Cap'n, who made it happen in just six seconds.

Crunchatize him, Cap'n.

H/T Hitfix | Photo via Cory Everett/Twitpic

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