How to ruin a children's book in 140 characters

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Twitter is vandalizing your most innocent memories.

Lifelong readers love to reminisce about the books they grew up on, but as hardened, cynical adults, they’re also willing to face up to the gritty realities of life not often featured in children’s literature. Combine the two impulses and you’ve got the Twitter hashtag #RuinAChildrensBook, which originated on a #HashtagWars segment of the comedic game show @midnight

It is, as you’ll see, a rather self-explanatory (and Photoshop-friendly) concept.

It’s a sure bet that, in addition to spoiling an untold number of kids’ classics, this joke also ruined some poor librarian’s day. Is not even Judy Blume sacred?  

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@Drawnyourtweet is turning Twitter into a picture book, 140 characters at a time
There’s a lot of beauty contained within the Internet, but there’s no arguing that text-based pixels take up a lot of that space. Apps like Instagram and sites like Flickr certainly break up the wordiness of the Web, and even the most copy-heavy sites (Reddit, Twitter) have made strides to embrace the image (evidenced by Imgur, and Twitter’s enlarged photo creds).
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