Watch 5 celebrities recite Rob Ford's infamous crack-smoking confession

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Ol' Abe Lincoln's got nothing on the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto.

Admit it: You've always wanted to hear Katniss Everdeen say "Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine."

On an episode of Late Night with David Letterman, the comedian sung the praises of PBS documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, who produced a special earlier this month that featured all five living U.S. Presidents reciting the Gettysburg Address. Letterman claimed that Burns' new documentary,“The Statement,” followed the same concept, arranging five living celebrities to read one of the greatest oratory tours de force of a generation: disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford's confession that he had smoked crack.

Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Martha Stewart all joined together to recite the most memorable speech of 2013. Lincoln may have been "Honest Abe," but admitting to hitting the crack pipe while still in office is about as honest as it gets.

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