Rob Ford crack tape finally surfaces—sort of

This is the video the Internet deserves, not the one it needs. 

Remember back in May, when Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was allegedly caught on tape smoking crack? Remember the media sprint to find said video of him smoking crack? And then, remember when Gawker tried to crowdfund money to obtain the alleged tape? Ah, seems like ages ago. The plus side of Rob Ford crack-video-mania: We got to see how much he loves physical comedy.

The focus on Ford’s alleged drug habit has died down, as other issues have crowded our collective attention span. However, YouTube user Ex Post Facto might have stumbled upon the real Rob Ford crack tape, which includes details no other news outlet has reported.

The Kylie Minogue song is a nice touch, but it seems the damage to the CN Tower in Toronto has been minimized by Ford’s press people, who have worked night and clay to divert the public’s attention away from the scandal. We’re still not sure if that’s crack Ford is smoking in the video, but if it is, this may be the first time a claymation character has smoked crack.

The origins of the video have yet to be identified, but there is this WordPress post from 2011 to consider.

Screenshot via Ex Post Facto/YouTube 

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Rob Ford crack video or not, Gawker wins
Do you want to watch a video of rotund Torontonian mayor Rob Ford smoking crack? Sure you do. Numbers don't lie, and the important number here is $200,000, which is how much Gawker raised to buy the video from its cracky creators.
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