Daily Fluff: Red panda enjoys day off from school

Larry was skeptical at first about the weather.

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What’s better than a snow day? A snow day spent with Larry, a red panda from Meadowbrook Heights, KS.

The red panda found out just how much he loves the white stuff when a recent snowstorm led to school being canceled.

“He was skeptical at first,” said Marie Olson, a source close to the situation. “He was really looking forward to a documentary on slugs that they were screening in his earth science class. But once he actually got out and starting playing in the snow, he couldn’t get enough of it.”

Via Christopher Lane Photography.

Look at the insane snow photos people are posting in Buffalo, N.Y.
"I haven't ate since Monday," a woman tweeted this morning on highway I-90 near Blasdell, N.Y., just south of Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and Lake Ontario. "Still stuck … 30 hours later. I'm hungry. I wish a magic carpet would appear now."
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