You'll feel terrible for laughing at this massive bike race crash

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Screengrab via Philippe Gilbert/YouTube


They say that once you learn how to ride a bike... OK, do I really need to make a joke here? Let's just get to the people hurting themselves.

Even for the Red Hook Criterium, a fixed-gear cycling race in Brooklyn that features spectacular crashes every year, this was a remarkable disaster. A stalled pace motorbike caused a massive pileup right at the starting line of the finals, injuring at least seven and delaying the event an hour.

Watch the carnage from every angle.

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If this incident doesn't convince you that biking is best enjoyed as a carefree hobby rather than a competitive sport pursued on what many have called an unnecessarily dangerous course, then please enjoy this compilation of people consistently wiping out on a single curve.
Honestly, you'd be safer riding in New York City traffic.

H/T Death & Taxes

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