The weird, rare, vintage photos of Donald Trump you haven't seen yet

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Photo via AGiganticPorpoise/Reddit

Trump like you've never seen him before.

Before Donald Trump was a reality television star or upstart presidential candidate, he was famous just for being rich and talking about it a lot. And as a rich, outspoken dude, he had his picture taken... a lot. 

People love pulling out this timeless candid shot of him laughing it up with the Clintons, for example.

There's a whole subreddit devoted to Trump's runaway presidential campaign, and while it's mostly better left unread, it has unearthed some amazing images of the controversial firebrand. In particular, a recent thread calling for posts of "Rare Donalds"—an allusion to Rare Pepes, the most obscure and sought-after iterations of the Pepe the frog meme—has really delivered the goods.  

Of course, this being Reddit, there are more overt hijinks going on as well.

Also, he does seem to really love volleyball.
Vintage photos like this are always good for a laugh, especially when they feature someone as goofy as Donald Trump, although what would be really hilarious is if that guy somehow got access to the world's most powerful military and nuclear arsenal. I mean, can you imagine?

Editor's note: Portions of this article were edited for clarity.

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