The reviews keep coming for Amazon's d**k-shaped 'rainbow' cookie cutter

chocolate chip cookie dick

Illustration by Max Fleishman

Shapes are hard.

Out of all the accidentally dick-shaped things in the world, Amazon's “Somewhere Over the Rainbow Pot O' Gold St. Patricks Day Cookie Cutter” wouldn't even crack the top million. 

Still, it looks a bit like a flaccid dick attached to hairy balls, and that's good enough for the internet. Check out the (almost universally positive) reviews for this monstrosity.



If this is the kind of reaction a rainbow cookie cutter gets, just imagine what people would make of a double rainbow. Oh, and if you've got some extra dough on hand, Amazon has you covered:


Can we get some confirmation that the “rainbow” cookie cutter is even capable of what it advertises?


Damn, even that just looks like an old dong with an especially festive condom on it. Guess the bake sale is ruined. 
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