This is what happens when you try to ride a pro bike course

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This might be the fail video of 2014. 

Have you ever watched a downhill race and thought to yourself, How hard can it really be? Let this be a lesson to you.

Based on multiple first-hand reports, pro rider Adam Brayton crashed his bike at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Cairns, Australia, and couldn’t complete the course. Per usual, a volunteer offered to walk the bike to the finish line.

But for whatever reason—likely the adrenaline from a rowdy crowd—the dude decided to hit part of the course at full speed. It did not end well. In fact, it’s safe to say this will end up on every fail video compilation you see in 2014.

With any luck, this just looked worse than it really was, and the dude is getting the care he needs.

Here it is from another angle:

The World Cup continues today. You can watch Red Bull’s live broadcast here.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube

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