Brands had some amazingly bad tributes to Prince on Twitter

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Screengrab via @cheerios/Twitter

Prince is dead. But if there's one thing his highness truly enjoyed in life, it was brands and corporations profiting off his likeness.

To that end, we salute these professional social media teams for their timely, heartfelt, and appropriate tributes, which we will now rank:

Top Tier: Threadless, Bing, Lenovo, NASA, Spotify

Can't get too mad about these, they seem pretty genuine. But it's OK to say this stuff on your personal accounts instead. We're not looking to Bing for answers right now, and we can't imagine Prince using a search engine.

You Tried, Sort Of: TiVo, Best Buy, 3M, NVIDIA, Hamburger Helper

I'm not convinced these brands really give a shit about Prince—their grief is a bit generic. Don't feel great about the integration of your logos and mascots, either.

Delete Your Account: Maker's Mark, Four Loko, Getty Images, Cheerios

You fucking serious with this shit? Trying to catch the viral sadness wave? Plastering your product directly onto a cultural tragedy? OK then!

Beyond Saving: Sharon Stone

Sharon, you hashtagged this tweet with your own name. FYI.

Anyway, at least Cinnabon understands.

Fans are mourning the loss of Prince with stunning tribute artwork
Iconic musician and visionary Prince passed away on Thursday at his Paisley Park mansion in Minnesota. Within hours of news confirming his death, grief-stricken fans had taken to social media to pay tribute to an artist whose transcendental creativity truly elevated him to a class all his own.
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