London's new thumbs-up statue doubles as big knobbly d**k

Feel good statue

Screengrab via London Gov/Twitter

I give a thumbs up. Way up.

A new statue unveiled Thursday morning in London's Trafalgar Square is getting quite a rousing reception. 

Artist David Shrigley’s “Real Good” is a “seven-metre high hand giving a thumbs up,” according to the statue’s plaque. Cast in bronze, with a comically oversized thumb, it offers bleak, striking commentary on blind optimism, the very nature of public art, and post-Brexit Britain. 

Here’s how Jonathan Jones masterfully described it in the Guardian

“Like the giant thumbs of the hitchhiker in Tom Robbins’s novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues or the enormous green thumb of the psychotic cockney Hitcher played by Noel Fielding in The Mighty Boosh, this thumb is seriously out of scale. It is also strangely thin, more like a finger flipped up by a pissed-off American than a jolly British symbol that everything is Really Good.” 

Of course, most people can't get over how much it resembles an erect penis stretching for the sky. To fuck it? Well, maybe.

I give it a thumb’s up. Way up. 

H/T Guardian, Mashable

Now your d**k can be an IRL eggplant emoji, thanks to Durex
This story has been updated as of 4:40pm CT. Durex announced today that they’re launching a new aubergine-flavored condom (aubergine is eggplant for us ‘mericans.) It is, as far as we can tell, real.
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