My parents friends bought a "furnished" house in Southern California and this is what they found inside : pics
When you buy a furnished house, it’s reasonable to expect your decor to clash with the couch or the drapes.

When you buy a furnished house, it’s reasonable to expect your decor to clash with the couch or the drapes. But a couple who purchased a unit in Southern California were surprised to find that their new home was filled with thousands of dollars’ worth of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia, including a human-sized Raphael sculpture standing in the foyer.

Their kid, naturally, took photos and posted them to Reddit.


In addition to Raphael, there are dozens of paintings and action figures:


And that’s not all they found.

The former owner also seemed to be a fan of Star Wars and several comic book series. Paintings featuring the Hulk and Darth Vader littered the house—along with life-size versions of stormtrooper and Superman.


The new owners are selling all the memorabilia. Interested? Contact redditor Topherstiles.

As for the original owner, the Reddit thread has created a number of different possibilities. Was the memorabilia from a deceased estate? A bankrupt Comic-Con fanatic? Or is the author just using the “furnished” story to sell his old collection? 

Our bet is on Master Splinter. He clearly just went through a bad divorce.

Photo via Topherstiles/Reddit

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