14 packages delivered by people with better s**t to do

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Photo via Alan Levine/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

It's a thankless job—and it shows.

God bless delivery people. They haul heavy loads, work in all weather, and save us from the ordeal of shopping at a mall. Truly, they are saints.

So it's easy to cut them some slack when they're having a bad day, or just not really up to snuff, as in these examples lovingly curated by Imgur user ThatUsernameIsAlreadyTakenAndIsNoLongerAvailable. Who among us can claim to be perfect? No matter what goes wrong with your package delivery, well—at least they tried.

First off, respect to this guy—for whom impossible is nothing.

And you gotta hand it to everyone who attempted to hide a gigantic package under a tiny doormat.Sometimes it almost works!Of course, things can go wrong in other, messier ways...Especially if someone forgets to take the package out of the truck first.And then, unfortunately, there are those delivery people who just live to troll us. A small minority—but they're real.But you know what? For every time a delivery company pisses you off or makes you come down to the collection center in person, you'll get an employee who goes above and beyond to make sure that you—and only you—gets the package you were expecting.Now that's how you deliver.
at least you tried
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