Every fanfic lover needs to see this Tumblr dating service spoof

teenage mutant ninja turtles parody
These aren't your amateur Tumblr ships; this is true love. 

“I never thought I’d find love until I tried One True Pairing,” Daenerys Targaryen purrs as she cozies up in the arms of Jon Snow and takes a swig of wine that would make Cersei Lannister blush. This happy couple is just one of many who found their true love thanks to Amanda, the founder and head shipper at the One True Pairing dating service.

With matches like Elsa and Special Agent Fox Mulder, Amanda proves that her ships aren’t your typical amateur Tumblr pairings. The OTP dating service is so good, some of her ships didn’t even know they were destined to be together. It was Amanda’s compilation of 17 GIFs of Sherlock and Watson almost kissing that finally made the twosome realize they had found OTP love.

If the hilariously bizarre ships don't convince you to watch this Tumblr dating spoof, the hybrid couple names certainly will. 

Screenshot via College Humor/YouTube
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