Canadian Olympics announcer mixes up swimming lanes, thinks Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps

swimming lanes

Photo via cantoni/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

We all make mistakes.

There are moments when we all screw up. Thankfully our mistakes don't typically involve a national TV broadcast.

On Thursday night at the Olympics, CBC swimming broadcaster Elliote Friedman got so excited during the men's 200 IM that he couldn't get his lanes straight. As the racers closed in on the last 50 meters, Friedman thought that it was Ryan Lochte coming in for the gold. 

"Finally he's going to do it, Ryan Lochte is going to beat Michael Phelps in this event," Friedman enthusiastically said. But once all the men got to the end of the pool, he realized his mistake.

After a brief pause (probably internalizing all that embarrassment) the announcer said, "I apologize, I got my lanes mixed up." 

Oof, and to think this was a race where Phelps broke an ancient record by getting the 13th individual gold medal of his career.

People were obviously amused by Friedman's screw up.

Friedman beat himself up a little on Twitter about the situation, but if anything, it was one of those funny moments during the Olympics that are sometimes better than the actual games. And it doesn't look like anybody took major offense to the blooper.

Not like Phelps is going to care—he's too busy celebrating his major accomplishment. 
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