Bottle flip by Olympic swimmer may be the best of 2016

two water bottles

Photo via theilr/Flickr (CC-BY)

How much talent can one dude have?

Back in May, teenager Mike Senatore set the internet on fire with one flip of a water bottle. It's the kind of party trick that anyone could master with an afternoon of practice. It's really Senatore's showmanship, and the crowd's reaction, that sells the video. This kid's timing and attitude couldn't be more perfect. 

It's the kind of viral hit that can land you a spot on The Late show with Stephen Colbert.
And obviously is going to lead to kids everywhere filming themselves flipping water bottles.

Point being, if you're going to impress us with a water bottle flip nowadays, you're going to need the poise and dexterity of an Olympic athlete.

Luckily, British swimmer Ieuan Lloyd was willing to give it a try, and gold medalist teammate Adam Peaty posted the awesome results. 

Not only did he flip the bottle off the back of his head, but the way it lands perfectly on the edge of the table is immensely satisfying. Sure, Peaty was the guy who broke a world record in the pool, but we all know who the real champion is. 
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