Teen discovers the absolute worst way to remove nose hair

Nose Hair Removal Gone Bad

Screengrab via RaMu/YouTube


YouTube’s makeup and beauty tutorials can help get you pretty much any look you want. But they’re far more entertaining when they backfire. 

A 19-year-old girl in Japan tried out a rather unusual way of removing nose hair recently. And while the image on the front of the box would scare most consumers away, you have to give her credit for going through with the stunt, which plays out like something out of Jackass. It’s not quite as entertaining as Cachet Raynor’s too-tight face mask, but your eyes will water just watching it.

The host of the video goes by the name RaMu. She’s a member of J-pop girl group KissBee Zero, but I think she a more promising future as a beauty vlogger.

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