Netflix's Twitter account just glitched out—and everybody loves it

stranger things toothless dustin sorry spasm

Photo via Netflix/Twitter (CC-BY)

What the hell does 'asdfghjkuytrewsdfghjnbdeu8765r' mean?
Netflix's U.S. Twitter account is supposed to be promoting the streaming service's original TV shows—currently, the '80s-inspired horror series Stranger Things. Instead, it had a minor freakout Thursday afternoon, tweeting "asdfghjkuytrewsdfghjnbdeu8765r." Come again? 
The cryptic message was instantly popular. Dozens of people speculated about what it might mean. Did the community manager have a seizure and land on the keyboard? 

Is this the work of an unruly child? 

Or an unruly butt? Maybe it's a code from Stranger Things? 
Or maybe @netflix was hacked?! 
Netflix came back quickly with a GIF of young Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo that doesn't explain much: But they also didn't delete the tweet, because everyone loves it, and, as they say in the #content mines, engagement is through the roof. 

What was asdfghjkuytrewsdfghjnbdeu8765r really, though? 

Probably a password. The position of the characters on the keyboard gives it away. It's a long string that's easy as hell to type in, but looks random at first glance. Password security level: not great. 

And we're definitely not the only ones to notice this. 

So you can bet that although Netflix is playing it cool by leaving the tweet up, at least one employee was frantically changing passwords this afternoon. Asdfghjkuytrewsdfghjnbdeu8765r!
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