Everyone should celebrate National Leave the Office Early Day

leave the office early

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Break out of that stuffy cubicle.

Work blows.

Whether you work hard or hardly work, June 2 marks an incredible holiday that should be celebrated by everyone: National Leave the Office Early Day.

Lots of people inch through 45 minutes of traffic to get to their place of employment. Others sit on crowded trains as they head to another day of drudgery in their cubicles. Some are lucky enough to work from home in a converted room or while lying under the covers. 

But no matter where you get your shit done, you owe it to yourself to take a look around after lunch and, if the coast is clear, get your ass out of the office. If you're feeling really festive, clock out at like 11 a.m. It's a holiday we only get once a year, so you'd better take advantage.
Now, I get it. You may "feel bad" or whatever, but no excuses! It's time to think about yourself for once. Not the man saying that you have to put in a full eight hours for the day. Just power that computer down, pack up your things, and
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