Museum visitor creates monstrosities by swapping faces with statues

Screen_Shot_2016-04-19_at_10.47.57_AM.png (1177×586)

Screengrab via JakeMarshall91/Imgur

Now this is art.

If you're not using your smartphone to swap faces with your friends, or your friends' boobs, or your friends' vape clouds, what the hell are you waiting for? Face recognition will likely render our society a fascist security state before long, but for now, it's just weird, goofy, high-tech fun.

The latest and greatest application of this software comes courtesy of a museum-goer who realized he could easily trade mugs with all the statues. Is this an insult to the beauty and form of classical art? No, it is art. 

Impressive work. Good luck face-swapping with a Picasso, though.
face swap
Vaping makes face swaps even weirder, in case you were wondering
Here's what we know about face swapping so far: The teens love it . It will work on your boob (if you draw a face on said boob). And as often as not, it goes terribly, hilariously wrong .
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