Mother Jones roasted for 'dapper white nationalist' description of racists

Richard "Mayonnaise" Spencer, white nationalist thought-leader

Illustration by Jason Reed

Meet the publication glowingly writing about a white nationalist's clothing.

The innocuously named but racist as hell white nationalist group National Policy Institute held an alt-right victory party over the weekend, toasting President-elect Donald Trump, and just generally being abhorrent. And a whole lot of ink was spilled about the gathering.

The Daily Dot's Chris Tognotti summed up why the alt-right's meager D.C. takeover should do more than just raise eyebrows, stating that it "straddles the line between flagrant expressions of racial hatred and a subtler fixation on white identity that nonetheless achieves the same end... taking some very old ideas but presenting them from well-groomed white men in sharp-cut business suits instead of raving skinheads."

And what did other outlets do? Why, zero in on that alt-right aesthetic in the worst way possible.

That Los Angeles Times tweet is still up but the equally incriminating Mother Jones tweet has since been deleted. It nonetheless lives on in meme form. 
The L.A. Times chose to focus on the conference itself while Mother Jones put out a lengthy profile on National Policy Institute Chairman Richard Spencer and his racist rhetoric, which includes the fetishizing of Asian women. Oh, and lots of colorful descriptions about his mannerisms  and appearance. (Deftly using chopsticks—what a lede!)

Give the piece a read if knowing your enemy by way of a spread in Tiger Beat is important. Or just contemplate a mayonnaise jar for five minutes. That should do the trick.

The alt-right just held a white supremacist conference in Washington, D.C.
Few political movements are getting as much ink right now as the so-called alt-right, a collection of nativists, white nationalists, racists, and reactionaries that have been dramatically emboldened by the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. One of the leaders of that movement, Richard Spencer, was center-stage at an event in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, espousing an openly racist worldview that he and his cohorts hope will spread throughout the United States under T...
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