Girl gets mortar board in the face at graduation ceremony

ut tower

Photo via Wikimedia (CC-BY)

At least she caught it all on film.

It's not graduation season unless those caps go flying. For one University of Texas graduate, her big day turned into a big bruise when a stray mortar board slammed into her during commencement.

Throwing mortar boards in the air is said to stem from a 1912 U.S. Navy tradition where graduates would be awarded new hats and no longer needed their old ones. College students have upped the ante by not just embracing the art of the toss but elaborately decorating their mortar boards.

Unfortunately for Twitter user meagnacarta, that tradition went a little wild and hit her right in the face. She did share some happier photos at her first ceremony for her masters earlier this month.

It's not all mortar boards to the head out there, kids. Congratulations, class of 2016.

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