Raging dude mounts moving car and bashes windshield

Man on car punching windshield

Photo via amy_woodfield/Twitter

And you thought you were having a bad day.

Ever get so angry that you want to punch a hole in the wall? How about climb on top of a car and repeatedly pound on the windshield? Yeah, you might not have heard of that expression but it definitely happens.

Amy Woodfield caught a man doing said expression of rage on St. Margret's Way in the United Kingdom on video. The footage starts off with the man already mounted on the silver vehicle, unleashing his fury on the glass while presumably screaming obscenities. And when the car begins to move, the dude continues his fit of anger. 

Sheesh, could only imagine what this guy is pissed about.

And don't worry, Woodfield isn't one of those bystanders that just films these crazy moments without doing anything. She also apparently contacted the police. What a good samaritan. 

H/T Mashable

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