London police officer and giant pig duke it out in dance off

dance cop dance off

Screengrab via MPSKingston/Facebook

What's shakin' bacon.

It's still up in the air if pigs can fly, but they sure can dance.

As part of a 24-hour dance off to raise money for cancer charity Macmillan, Kingston police officer Dan Graham showed off some slick moves during a dance off with someone in a pig costume. While the piggy performed strong with a solid "Macarena," Graham definitely took the trophy with his fancy footwork. 

The Kingston Police Facebook page posted the video, along with the joke "Couple of pigs having a dance off." And the police department just wanted to clarify "Pigs stands for - Pride Integrity & Guts !" 

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Looks like this pig got burned so bad that it might end up a family's dinner ham.

H/T Mashable

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