The best/worst Missed Connection to come out of Lollapalooza

All sizes | Lana Del Rey | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Please, never meet.

Lollapalooza was full of missed connections. Literally, there was no cellphone service or Internet and no one could reach anyone else. (Here's one concertgoer's diary.) That won't stop some dude in a neon YOLO wife-beater and pink shades from trying to hook up with the recreational-drug-loving, half-bird-half-human indie-rock dreamgirl he spotted at the Lana Del Rey show.

He didn't get her number because they were "both so into the show," but they "really had a connection," he thinks. To Craigslist

Please, never meet.


H/T @samlansky | Photo via Peter Cruise/Flickr

Surviving Lollapalooza during a tech blackout: A concert diary
As told to Cooper Fleishman I went to Lolla and survived. But barely. Zero service. No phone calls. No tweets. Nothing. A random text every two hours or so. Impossible to enjoy without tech. People seem to be having fun, but once you lose your friends that's it.
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