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This will be Internet gold, predicts the newly hearing dad.

Danny Hamilton has used his dad’s horrible hearing to his advantage for years, he but found he could no longer get away with as much once his dad got a set of hearing aids.

However, his dad’s newfound hearing served as perfect inspiration for a rather fitting Christmas present.

With the entire family gathered around the tree, Hamilton performed an original song titled “I Liked You Better Deaf.” It’s apparent that he means no ill will towards his dad—although he won’t be able to play his music as loud as he wants to or swear as much anymore.

This was one Christmas message that didn’t fall on deaf ears.

Hamilton’s father approved, having already claimed that the song “is going to be an Internet classic.”

He might be onto something. The song has already racked up more than 400,000 YouTube views.

H/T Reddit | Photo via DannyTheHamilton/YouTube

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