Daily Fluff: Cat wastes entire day watching Netflix

Cat Netflix
Blame it on House of Cards

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Henry, a cat from Winnipeg, Canada, sat up suddenly late Wednesday afternoon after coming to a shocking revelation.

“He spent his whole day watching bird documentaries on Netflix,” says Josh Singleton, a source close to the situation. “His inbox is overflowing, the laundry is half done, and his mom’s pissed that he didn’t call. It’s like he just got sucked in and couldn’t get off the couch.”

Reports from the ground do indicate that Henry has slowly slumped back  into a routine. “But a Netflix binge like that is hard to recover from,” says Dr. Shira Steinberg, an expert in time-wasting disorders and procrastination. “It might take him a day or two to get his Mojo back. And yes, Mojo is a medical term.”

Submitted by Marisa Halek.

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